Identify the source of your bookings

Identify the source of your bookings to determine how much business each source is bringing you.

Booking app reports

In the reporting function under the admin tab, you can now see how many bookings were made from each of your booking apps and the value of those bookings. As with your other reports, you can generate the report for your chosen time period.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 09.00.52.png

Find full details of your booking app reports in this guide.

Filter by booking source

Additionally, you can now filter your agenda view by the booking source:

  • Internal
  • Microsite
  • Booking app
  • Booking app on microsite.

For a guide on the agenda view and how to filter your bookings, click here.

Source in booking export

And in your booking export, the booking source and (if applicable) the name of the booking app is included so you can easily identify and further manipulate the source of your bookings.

To export your bookings, check out this guide.

For example, with booking apps on multiple pages on your website, you can now determine which of these booking apps is the most successful in order to to drive website traffic there.

Or, if you're running a campaign, you can create a specific booking app embedded on your microsite and include the URL in the campaign. So you can identify the details of exactly those bookings you received as a result of the campaign.

Send different communications according to the details of that booking.

The Smart Communications feature allows you to set up a custom communications flow surrounding a booking. Communications can be sent to your customers and your resources, via email and text message, in advance of and following a booking. The content of these communications can vary depending on:

  • The resource on the booking
  • The service of the booking
  • The status of the booking
  • The number of bookings that customer has in the day.

Additionally, you can bundle reminders and followups. So if your customer has multiple bookings in one day, only one reminder/followup will be sent which will include the details of all of their bookings.

For example, you could send a text message reminder to a customer in advance of a booking, including important information about the service they're coming to you for.

Or you could send an email from the resource who performed the service a few days after a booking. This email could include a link to review the specific resource or their personal booking microsite to book another booking.

This feature isn't yet available on the web-app so if you would like it to be applied to your account, get in touch with us through your in-app messenger.

Embed a booking app on your microsite

Booking microsites are generated for every business, resource and resource group on Appointedd. Now, you can make even more use of your microsite by creating a new page on which your chosen booking ap is embedded.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 14.59.05.png

So when you want your customer to book a specific service, you provide them with the microsite link which only offers that service.

Of course, you can embed service-specific booking apps on your own website but embedding the booking app on your microsite removes the timely task of creating landing pages by allowing you to create relevant booking pages in seconds.

For details on how to create your own booking app and embed it on your microsite, see this guide.

Link your privacy policy in your online booking tools

To ensure your privacy policy is accessible to your customers, you can now include a clickable link to your privacy policy in your customer-facing booking tools.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 12.31.11.png

Adding your privacy policy to your booking tools is a simple cut and paste. See this guide for more details and to add it to your account.

Take customer input from a dropdown and reorder booking questions

Booking questions are a fab way to take the information required from your customer booking online, according to the service they're booking.

For each booking question, you set whether your customer's input should be in the form of text, a checkbox or agreement to T&Cs.

Now, you can set that your customer should select their answer from a dropdown:

booking dropdown.gif

To make organising your booking questions easier, you can now drag-and-drop to reorder them:

reorder booking qs.gif

To create or modify booking questions on your Appointedd account, log in at and check out this support guide.

Booking app languages 🌍🌎🌏

Appointedd booking apps are now available in multiple languages, ensuring that the customer booking journey is as smooth as possible.

When your customer arrives on your booking app, their language will be detected from their browser and the booking app presented accordingly. If the customer wishes to change the language on the booking app, they can do so easily:

localisation microsite.gif Languages currently supported:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Japanese
  • Arabic.

We will be expanding on these languages as demand dictates so if you'd like to request a language, pop us a message.

Watch this space for news on languages in other parts of Appointedd 👀

Customer opt-in from marketing emails ✅

The upcoming GDPR requirements dictate that from 25th May 2018, marketing must only be sent to customers who have actively opted-in to receive marketing.

So from the 24th, customers who haven't actively opted-in via Appointedd will not be sent your marketing sent via Appointedd.

To give your customers the opportunity to opt-in before they're automatically opted-out on 24th May, all email marketing sent from your account until the 24th will include a link through which the customer can actively opt-in. The link will be worded as follows:

In line with upcoming GDPR requirements, you will be automatically opted-out of marketing from us from 25th May 2018. If you wish to continue receiving marketing from us, click here to opt-in.

We suggest sending at least one email campaign to your customers to make them aware of this change and to give them the opportunity to opt-in to continue to receive your marketing.

On an ongoing basis, customers can opt-in when making a booking or by contacting you (see this guide for full details on how customers can opt-in).

Marketing opt-in for GDPR compliance

Within Appointedd, you can send marketing to your customers in the form of notifications and campaigns. In order to ensure that this marketing is sent only to customers who are opted in (so to be compliant with GDPR), we've added an opt-in feature to Appointedd.

When a customer is created, they are opted out of marketing by default. If the customer wishes to receive marketing, they can be opted in:

opt in on booking app.gif

Full details of how a customer opts in can be found in this support guide.

If the marketing suite isn't used, it can be disabled per-account. This makes marketing preferences irrelevant so will remove the opt-in checkbox from your web-app and customer-facing booking tools.

Booking app enhancements 🌟

Booking apps have been rebuilt and we're very excited about it. Your booking apps still provide the same fab functionality but you should notice some improvements:

  1. Quicker booking app loading time in embedded and popover modes
  2. A booking app in popover mode will no longer scroll to the top of the web page it's embedded on before loading
  3. Booking app performance on mobile improved.

We've also made some very slight visual differences to keep the booking app clean, modern and easy-to-use.

new booking app.gif

We're publishing release notes

Welcome to the new Appointedd release notes!

It's always been our priority to build value-adding features according to demand and we work super-hard to consistently improve Appointedd with the right functionality. To celebrate the changes we make and to keep you up to date, we'll be documenting all new features, updates and enhancements here.

When we release big features and enhancements, we'll notify you in your Appointedd calendar via the messenger. You'll also still receive your regular round-up emails. If you want to keep an eye on new releases or browse through past changes, you'll find them all here.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Appointedd will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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