Booking window re-redesign

This week, we released a redesign of the window in which you view and manage bookings with multiple customers much more effectively.

Unfortunately, this update didn't improve the management of single-occupancy bookings. We received lots of feedback and worked solidly this week on it. We're delighted today to release an update to this dialogue which allows you to manage single-occupancy and multi-occupancy bookings easily so focus on running your business.


Move customers to different bookings and upsell from existing bookings

Along with the new redesign of the booking details window, we've added in a new feature! This one particularly helps businesses which manage group bookings in Appointedd e.g. tours, classes or events.

On the customers tab, you can now move customers to another booking, without having to remove them from the old booking. This ensures that the customer's payment status, notes and answers to questions are taken over to the new booking. Additionally, they'll be sent an email to notify them that their booking has been modified (check that you have this email turned on in the email confirmations settings). move customer.gif

Additionally, you can now make a new booking for the customer from the same dropdown. The customer's details will be prefilled when you make that new booking, saving you valuable time.

Booking window redesign

By clicking on a booking in Appointedd, you can view and edit its details including the price, date, time, and customer(s).

To ensure that you can manage all of your bookings effectively, we've released a newly designed window which makes booking details easier to view and navigate, especially on small and touch-screen devices.

The new design continues to the customers tab where you can view details of each of the customers on the booking and perform actions such as sending a payment request, making a note and editing the customer's details. customer tab.gif

To get to know the new window, just log in at or check out this guide for full details.

Notes and booking questions are now included in webhooks

Webhooks send details about customers and bookings out of Appointedd. You can then use this information however you need to. For example:

  • Create a customer in your external CRM
  • Send a booking confirmation email from your own system
  • Qualify the customer in your sales management software

Now, the notes and questions of a booking are also included in a webhook.

Find more information about webhooks and how to set them up from your account in this guide.

Please note that webhooks are technical so we advise that you work with a developer to make the most of their functionality.

Prompt customers to email you for "not bookable online" services

Appointedd allows you to manage all of your services, not only the ones should be bookable on your website. By setting the permissions of your services, you can set whether your services should be bookable online, not bookable online, request online or not visible online.

When a service is saved as not bookable online, the customer is prompted to contact you to make a booking. Previously, you would prompt the customer to contact you by phone.

If you prefer that the customer contacts you by email, you can now set that the customer is prompted to email you for all of your not bookable online services: Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.50.10.png

When they click the email us button, a window will open in their preferred email provider with your business email address as the recipient.

Find out more about service permissions and how to change your call us buttton to email us in this guide.

Refund payments made through Appointedd

By connecting your Appointedd account to a payment gateway (Stripe, Braintree or Square), you can take payments for your bookings online. The customer enters their card details and the payment is sent straight to your payment gateway account, ready to be deposited into your bank account.

Now, you can issue refunds at for payments made via Appointedd.

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 17.21.52.png

You choose the amount which you wish to refund so you can issue a full or partial refund. Set the amount as a figure or percentage: Refund amount.gif

If you make a part-refund on a payment then need to make a further refund on the same payment, you can do this too! You can issue as many refunds as you need up to the full amount paid by the customer.

To start taking payments on your account, click here to connect your account with your chosen payment gateway.

You'll find full details on issuing refunds in this support guide.

Custom field enhancements

The custom fields functionality allows you to take the information you need from your customer and store it in your CRM. For example, you may need to take their date of birth or membership number.

Previously, custom fields would display when bookings are made on the customer-facing booking tools and would be completed by entering text.

Now, you can have your custom fields display when a booking is made internally for a new customer, and the input can be pre-set as text or date.

custom fields new booking.gif

Check out this support guide for full details on managing your custom fields or go ahead and create your own custom fields in your CRM settings under the your business tab.

Resource-specific descriptions for microsites

Booking microsites are a fantastic way for businesses to take bookings from their customers. To allow your customers to book with their chosen resource, each one of your resources has their own individual microsite.

As well as your set microsite design (business colors, banner image, theme), resource microsites include the resource's profile image and now, a description of the resource. This description can act as a biography to provide your customers with an enhanced booking experience and further details about the resource:

Screenshot 2018-11-03 at 14.16.07.png

Add a description to each of your resources by editing the resource under the your business tab.

Advanced booking reminders and follow-ups

Reminders and follow-ups act as a key method of communicating with your customers regarding their bookings and their interactions with your business.

With Appointedd, you can ensure that every email and SMS sent in relation to a booking is entirely relevant, sending to the right person, at the right time, with the right content.

Send reminders and follow-ups to your customers, resources and specific recipients, at your chosen times, according to the details of the booking.

Set up your reminders and follow-ups under your communications tab and find a full guide here.

reminders follow-ups.gif

Square payments integration

Taking payments for your bookings ensures a smooth experience for your customer, reduces admin for you and safeguards your bottom line in the case of no-show bookings or cancellations.

To make it even easier for you to take payments for your services, Appointedd now integrates with Square! 🎉

Find out more about this integration here or check out this guide to start taking payments for your bookings with Square.

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