Access booking notes directly from the agenda view

On the agenda view, the notes icon indicates that a booking has notes on it.

Screenshot 2020-07-31 at 10.18.18.png You can now click on that notes icon to open up the notes directly. Allowing you to access notes quickly and saving you one precious click!

Note that booking with multiple participants will not support this as each participant may have different notes. To see the notes per participant, you would simply click on the booking and click the customers tab.

Manage the number of customers in your business with Capacity Flex

The new Capacity Flex functionality allows you to set an overall maximum capacity for your whole account which takes into account every booking taking place, all resources, services, assets, and participants.

The functionality ensures that, despite your various bookings, you don't go over the maximum number of people you can safely host in your business at any one time.

For more information about Capacity Flex and to apply it to your account, check out this support guide.

Disable drag and drop of bookings

On the daily and weekly views, you drag and drop bookings to move them to a different day, time, and resource.

On a touch-screen device however, this can lead to accidentally moving a booking.

You can now choose whether you wish to be able to drag and drop booking so disable it if you prefer:

  • Go to the your business tab
  • Select business settings
  • Next to Allow drag and drop in calendar, flip the slider to OFF.

Required notice periods for online bookings per service

Booking policies allow you to set the timings for how people book with you online i.e. notice you require for new bookings, how far in advance people can book, and how much notice you require for bookings to be cancelled. You can set your booking policies under the booking tools tab, in online booking settings.

You can now set the required noice period to be different for each one of your services.

See more about your booking policies in this support guide.

Merge or split custom schedule timeslots

A custom service schedule allows you to set the time(s) at which that service should be available to book on a weekly basis or on specific dates.

Previously, where a day or specific date had multiple timeslots, these would need to have a 15-minute gap to be recognised as distinct timeslots.

Now, when creating a service schedule, you can choose whether back-to-back timeslots should be recognised individually (slider at grey) or merged (slider at orange).

Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 14.44.53.png

Shorter service buffer times

Buffer times before and/or after a booking ensure that you have time to prepare for the customer and clear up or do any immediate tasks afterwards.

You can now add buffers of 5 and/or 10 minutes to services (previously, the minimum was 15-minutes). In light of COVID-19 and to ensure a safe return to business, buffers ensure that you have enough time to sanitise after appointments and decreases the likelihood of customers crossing paths between appointments.

View and amend your services and buffers in Appointedd here.

If you decide to use buffers of 5 or 10 minutes, we suggest changing the increments in which you view your calendar to 5 or 10 minutes (respectively) so the buffer displays best in your calendar. Change these increments here.

Log out your user(s) after your chosen inactivity period

By default in Appointedd, we don't log you out until you click log out from the user menu.

This new feature gives you the control to set that the user(s) on your account will be automatically logged out after your chosen period of inactivity.

This improves security by ensuring your users don't stay logged in when they you prefer that they log out.

Go to the your business tab and business settings to set the period after which any inactive users will be logged out of your account.

Send confirmation emails from the resource on the booking

You can choose in Appointedd which name and email address emails from your account appear to have sent from. This ensures that your customer receives communications from your business and that their responses will go to your chosen email address.

Now, you can choose to automatically send confirmation emails (when a booking is made, modified, cancelled etc) from the resource on the booking! Previously, these would always send from the business, regardless of the resource on the booking.

Go to the communications tab and click email confirmations to flip the slider and send confirmations from the resource on the booking.

Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 11.41.13.png

And just make sure that all of your resources have their email address in their profiles here.

Bookings are now added to the email recipient's online calendar as confirmed events

Previously, emails sent when a booking is made or modified would include an .ics calendar event which was added as "pending" to the customer's online calendar e.g. Apple, Google, Exchange etc.

Now, the event is added automatically to the customer's calendar "confirmed" i.e. the customer doesn't need to respond yes or no.

This ensures that the customer doesn't need to do anything manually, that they understand that the booking is confirmed and that the business is not notified by email when the customer clicks yes.

Booking cancelations are now reflected in the customer's calendar

When an Appointedd booking is canceled, you have the option to send the customer an email to notify them that their booking has been canceled.

Now, this email will also trigger the event in the customer's calendar to be removed, so there's no miscommunication and no manual calendar management required by the customer - it's all done for them!

To make sure that you're sending your customer an email when a booking is modified, switch on that setting here.