Take and record multiple payments on one booking

Appointedd integrates with online payment gateways (Stripe, Square, and Braintree) and point of sale systems (Epos Now) allowing you to take payment for your bookings.

When payment is taken through any of these systems, it is reflected on Appointedd. Now, you can take multiple payments for a booking (and a customer on a booking) and each one of these payments this will be reflected on the booking (and the customer).

For example, you could:

  1. Take a deposit when the customer requests a booking online then send a request for the outstanding amount when you accept the booking.
  2. Take a deposit when the customer makes a booking online then take the remainder of the payment when they arrive on the day.
  3. Take full payment from the customer online, amend their "spaces" when they arrive with an extra person on the day, and take the payment for the extra person.

Both of these payments (and any other payments made for the booking) will be reflected in Appointedd:

unnamed (1) (1).png

Authenticate your domain to allow Appointedd to send emails on your behalf

Appointedd's communications tools allow you to send emails to your customers in the form of confirmations, follow-ups, reminders and marketing.

You can also set the send-from email address so that when the email appears in the recipient's inbox, they know that it's from you.

Now, as long as you manage your domain, you can authenticate it to give Appointedd permission to send emails from your domain on your behalf. This increases deliverability and ensures that emails are delivered successfully to your customers' inboxes.

Authenticate your domain now from your business profile under the your business tab. Find a full guide here.

Redesigned account setup flow

Creating an Appointedd account has never been easier. Now, you can create an account in three simple steps.

Additionally, we'll guide you on what services and resources you might want to create, according to the industry in which you operate.

setup wizard.gif

Create a new account today from www.appointedd.com.

Make email address and phone number fields mandatory internally

When you create a customer in Appointedd, whether when you're making a booking or in the customers tab, you need to enter their first name and last name.

Now, to ensure that you take all of the information necessary, you have the option to make the email address and phone number fields mandatory also.

To do so, just go to CRM under the your business tab and find general fields.
Screenshot 2019-03-26 at 17.33.58.png

You can also create your own custom fields which you can make optional or mandatory as required. Find more about custom fields in our support base.

Design updates to group booking window

Appointedd allows you to manage both one-to-one and group bookings from the same system, displaying them on the same calendar so you can manage your business all in one place.

You can remove individual customers from a group booking and you can cancel a group booking for all customers. So to ensure that you don't accidentally cancel a group booking for all of the customers, we have made a few design changes to the cancel button:

  1. It is on the left-hand side
  2. It is bright red
  3. It includes a 🚫 icon
  4. It tells you how many customers you would be cancelling the booking for:

Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 10.54.38.png

Additionally, when you click on the big red button, there's a second big red button which confirms that you want to "cancel for all":

Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 10.55.44.png

View and release assets from a booking

Assets act as an extra layer of availability. They are the spaces, equipment, or things which you require to complete a service, as well as the resource.

For example, a beauty salon might have four staff able to perform manicures but only three nail desks meaning they can only perform three manicures at one time.

Setting up an asset called "nail desk" with a quantity of three will ensure that only three manicure services can be booked at any one time.

This new functionality allows you to more easily see which assets are being used by the booking and allows you to "release" an asset from a booking, making it available for other bookings to be made.

Screenshot 2019-03-20 at 12.15.16.png

The assets tab will now be displayed alongside your booking details and customers when you click on any booking. (Note that this will only display for accounts which use assets).

Find out more about managing assets in this guide.

Booking window re-redesign

This week, we released a redesign of the window in which you view and manage bookings with multiple customers much more effectively.

Unfortunately, this update didn't improve the management of single-occupancy bookings. We received lots of feedback and worked solidly this week on it. We're delighted today to release an update to this dialogue which allows you to manage single-occupancy and multi-occupancy bookings easily so focus on running your business.


Move customers to different bookings and upsell from existing bookings

Along with the new redesign of the booking details window, we've added in a new feature! This one particularly helps businesses which manage group bookings in Appointedd e.g. tours, classes or events.

On the customers tab, you can now move customers to another booking, without having to remove them from the old booking. This ensures that the customer's payment status, notes and answers to questions are taken over to the new booking. Additionally, they'll be sent an email to notify them that their booking has been modified (check that you have this email turned on in the email confirmations settings). move customer.gif

Additionally, you can now make a new booking for the customer from the same dropdown. The customer's details will be prefilled when you make that new booking, saving you valuable time.

Booking window redesign

By clicking on a booking in Appointedd, you can view and edit its details including the price, date, time, and customer(s).

To ensure that you can manage all of your bookings effectively, we've released a newly designed window which makes booking details easier to view and navigate, especially on small and touch-screen devices.

The new design continues to the customers tab where you can view details of each of the customers on the booking and perform actions such as sending a payment request, making a note and editing the customer's details. customer tab.gif

To get to know the new window, just log in at app.appointedd.com or check out this guide for full details.

Notes and booking questions are now included in webhooks

Webhooks send details about customers and bookings out of Appointedd. You can then use this information however you need to. For example:

  • Create a customer in your external CRM
  • Send a booking confirmation email from your own system
  • Qualify the customer in your sales management software

Now, the notes and questions of a booking are also included in a webhook.

Find more information about webhooks and how to set them up from your account in this guide.

Please note that webhooks are technical so we advise that you work with a developer to make the most of their functionality.

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