Appointedd release notes
Appointedd release notes

NEW: Viewing customers across accounts

If you have multiple accounts in Appointedd, you can now easily view your customers across all of your accounts!

This means you can see all the bookings your customer has made, even if it's under a different account of yours. This is particularly useful for our larger enterprise clients who have an account per location.

Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 12.32.37.png

Check out our support article to see how the feature works, and learn how to activate it:

NEW: Customer file upload during booking flow

You can now ask customers to attach a file at the time of booking!

This new file attachment functionality allows customers to upload images or documents. Appointedd currently accepts the following formats: jpg, png, gif, pdf, doc, csv, docx, txt, xls, xlsx.

New feature file attachment blog banner.png

Find out more here:

NEW: Localization feature allows users to use Appointedd in four new languages




We’re back with a new exciting update to the Appointedd software! 👋

Our new localization feature allows users to choose which language they use the Appointedd software in! 🗺 Appointedd has users worldwide, so we’re delighted that more of our users will now be able to use the application in their own language.

Users can now choose between FIVE different languages, including:

  1. English
  2. German
  3. Spanish
  4. French
  5. Italian

Try it yourself here, and if you don’t see the language you want, you can request it by getting in touch with our 24/7 support chat!

NEW: Create custom labels for T&Cs that customers need to accept when booking




You asked, we delivered! 💥 You can now customize the Terms & Conditions labels that your customers need to read and accept when scheduling an appointment with you.

The image below shows how you can easily customize the text of the new label and add the link to your T&Cs and/or policies you want your customers to read.

There is no limit to the number of links you can add into your booking flow. If you require T&C’s, privacy policies, and other links to be read - you can include them.


Informing customers on how you’re handling their data is increasingly important and sometimes it may be more complicated that you initially thought, so that’s where this feature will come in handy! Below you can see an example of how the custom labels you can now create will look on your booking tools.


New: create additonal Appointedd accounts with ease!




Another week, another exciting update to Appointedd! 👀

You are now able to create new Appointedd accounts from within the app, either from scratch or by cloning an existing account 🛠🔥

There are many reasons you may want to create another Appointedd account, including:

👥 To have separate accounts for easier management of different locations

🤓 To have accounts to test different features without changing their current account

💪 To promote ownership of different departments within a business

Try out yourself here 🔎

Ps. the new account will be billed for as usual, based on the number of resources you use. More on our pricing here.

New: introducing promo codes!




Team Appointedd is thrilled to announce a brand new and highly requested feature: promo codes! 🎉

Appointedd is now one of the few booking systems that allows its users to create promo codes that customers can apply during the booking flow to get discounts. (13).gif

Using promo codes will unlock many exciting opportunities such as 👀

  • running promotions to reach more customers and increase your revenue, such as introductory offers or referral incentives
  • ability to offer multiple price points but for the same service (eg. corporate and direct customer pricing)
  • encouraging re-booking and customer loyalty
  • running early bird promotions to fill up your calendar quicker
  • helping your customer care team to delight customers by offering special promos

🔥 🔥 🔥

Get started with promo codes here or head over to our support base to learn more.

New: Native integration with Zapier⚡️




Appointedd is delighted to now be integrated with ⚡️Zapier!⚡️You can now start making “Zaps,” which allow you to connect your Appointedd account to a large variety of applications including marketing and CRM software. Zaps are a Zapier’s way of connecting two softwares, and they only take a few clicks! Start creating workflows to move info seamlessly between Appointedd and your chosen apps today!

Learn more about our Zapier Integration and how to start making Zaps here.

Sneak peak at how easy it is to connect to Zapier account and start zapping away!👀




SSO is here 🔐




Team Appointedd is super proud to announce: SAML SSO is now available on Appointedd 🎉

Using SAML SSO allows you to manage Appointedd users via any Identity Provider that uses the SAML 2.0 protocol, such as MS Azure.

This not only gives you and your organisation the control to choose your authentication method, it also eliminates weak password use, and reduces the need to remember many different email and password combinations.

Learn more here, or head straight to your Appointedd account enable SSO 👀 (4).gif

Take bookings via Facebook and Instagram




You asked - we listened! Following popular demand…

We are absolutely delighted to announce that our Facebook Business Suite integration is now live for all our users 🎉

The new integration allows you to add a Book now button to your Facebook and Instagram business pages. This will enable you to interact with your customers via your social media platforms easily, using your Appointedd account. Further more, you'll be able to utilise your social media presence to promote and increase the number of bookings you take via Appointedd. (2) (1).gif

Learn more here.

Use Social Sign-on and MFA 🔐




Team Appointedd is delighted to announce our newest✨ feature: You can now use Social Sign-on with Facebook 📖 or Google 🔎, and Multi-factor Authentication to further secure your Appointedd account! 🎉

We're all about making things easier and more secure 🔐

Via Social Sign-on, you can easily log into Appointedd with one click. And by using Multi-factor Authentication with your chosen authenticator app, you can ensure that your Appointedd account is kept safe.

Sneak peak at what the MFA login looks like 👀 (2).gif

Read more about additional authentication options here.

This is now available to all Appointedd users - you can find all of these options under the Profile icon > Edit login details > Additional authentication methods.