Take payments via Square in more currencies

Appointedd's Square integration allows you to take payments from your customers for bookings via Square.

Now, you can take these payments in more currencies:

  • USD 🇺🇸
  • CAD 🇨🇦
  • AUD 🇦🇺
  • JPY 🇯🇵

Calendar events are now added to the email recipient's online calendar automatically

Emails sent when a booking is made or modified include an .ics calendar event which the recipient can add to their online calendar e.g. Apple, Google, Exchange etc.

Now, this event will be added to the recipient's online calendar immediately!

Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 15.48.52.png

This ensures that all parties have a record of the booking, reducing no shows and helping you to manage your time better.

This enhancement applies to emails sent to the customer and to the resource (where the resource's calendar isn't already synched with Appointedd).

Customers can now cancel their booking from the "booking modified" email

The email sent to the customer to confirm that their booking has been modified will now include a link through which they can cancel their booking (only if you have this setting turned on in your online booking settings).

Calendar events are now automatically updated from "booking modified" emails

When an Appointedd booking is modified, you have the option to send the customer an email to notify them that their booking has been modified.

Now, that email includes an .ics calendar file which will automatically update the original calendar file e.g. move it to the new date and/or time, update the location, change the service name.

So there's no manual calendar management required by the customer - it's all done for them!

To make sure that you're sending your customer an email when a booking is modified, switch on that setting here.

Calendar events are now sent in "booking modified" emails to customers

When a booking is modified in Appointedd, an email is sent to the customer to notify them. Now, an .ics calendar event file is included in that email (similar to the calendar file included in the email sent to the customer to confirm that the booking has been made).

Offer different tiers and price points for your services

Tiers and price points allow you to offer your customers different options when booking into the same service.

This works perfectly for group bookings where you offer add-ons, upgrades, and varying prices, where all customers join the same booking.

For example, with this functionality, you can manage a tour with:

  1. Multiple tiers e.g. a standard tour or an upgraded tour
  2. Different price points per tier e.g. a concession price, a members price, a family price etc.

From your customer-facing booking tools, your customers will select the tier and the price point(s) which are relevant for them: Screenshot 2020-01-20 at 12.37.24.png

The customer's selections will be displayed for you on the booking in your calendar.

Set different prices per customer in a group booking

Appointedd supports your business in managing both individual and multiple-occupancy bookings, to ensure that you have all bookings stored in the same place.

Group bookings allow you to add multiple customers to one booking e.g. for an event, a tour, a workshop etc. Now, you can have different prices per customer in the same booking.

When you open the customers tab on a group booking, you’ll now see the price next to each customer’s name.

Screenshot 2020-01-20 at 12.36.56.png

For example, you could use this functionality to:

  • Offer a discount to one customer on a workshop without the discount applying to all customers on the workshop.
  • Change the price of a tour. Customers who booked before you changed the price will pay the original price whereas customers who book after you change the price will pay the new price.

New companion mobile app 📱

Our new mobile app is live on Apple and Google Play stores 🎉

The new companion app is the perfect partner to app.appointedd.com, allowing you to manage your bookings at any time, on any device - whether that's a mobile or tablet, Apple or Android.

  • Your bookings are displayed in an agenda format, allowing you to see all resources' bookings in one scrollable view.
  • Filter the agenda to display only the bookings of your chosen resource.
  • Within three taps, you can change the arrival status of a customer.
  • Ensure that customers have made payment with colour-coded payment statuses.
  • Managing events and tours is a breeze, with our group booking focus.
  • Make a booking in just six taps with our enhanced "new booking" flow.
  • Browse, search, and edit customers.
  • Contact support from the app if ever you need more help!
  • Performance improvements ensure more stability.

Untitled presentation (1).png

Booking window displayed as soon as the booking is made

When you make a booking away from your daily or weekly view, to ensure that you can immediately review the details, make additional notes, change the customer's arrival status and more, the booking window now pops up immediately:

Screenshot 2019-11-19 at 10.56.46.png

This means you can do what you need to then move on quickly. Giving you more time to get on with business!

Locations in emails and individual bookings

Previously, you could set the location of a service and this would be communicated to the customer in the calendar file sent in their email confirmation.

Now, this location is also sent in the body of the email to further ensure that your customer is aware of the location of their booking.

So your email confirmation will start:


​This ensures that all relevant information is included your email confirmation, ensuring that the customer has everything they need.

Additionally, you can now amend the location for a particular booking. e.g. if a booking is made for a service with the location Glasgow but you need to change the location for that particular booking, you can do so! Just click on the booking in your calendar and click the pencil icon next to the location:

Screenshot 2019-11-19 at 10.47.21.png

When you amend the location, you'll be given the option to send the customer an email, notifying them of this change.