Eliminating the possibility of uncaptured/pending payments without a booking

According to the recent SCA updates, when your customer enters their card details to make payment, that payment is first created as an uncaptured/pending payment in your payment processor.

Previously, it was possible for the customer to drop off at this point on the Appointedd booking flow, not making the booking but resulting in a pending payment in their bank. This led to confusion, with some customers believing that they had paid when they hadn’t made a booking.

To avoid this confusion, we have updated the Appointedd booking flow to ensure that the customer submits their card details and their booking together, eliminating the possibility of an uncaptured/pending payment with no booking.

Instead of submitting their card details then proceeding to review their booking, at which point the customer could drop off the booking flow, the customer now submits their card details and makes the booking at the same time.

Screenshot 2019-11-05 at 12.55.20.png