Appointedd release notes
Appointedd release notes

Identify the source of your bookings





Identify the source of your bookings to determine how much business each source is bringing you.

Booking app reports

In the reporting function under the admin tab, you can now see how many bookings were made from each of your booking apps and the value of those bookings. As with your other reports, you can generate the report for your chosen time period.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 09.00.52.png

Find full details of your booking app reports in this guide.

Filter by booking source

Additionally, you can now filter your agenda view by the booking source:

  • Internal
  • Microsite
  • Booking app
  • Booking app on microsite.

For a guide on the agenda view and how to filter your bookings, click here.

Source in booking export

And in your booking export, the booking source and (if applicable) the name of the booking app is included so you can easily identify and further manipulate the source of your bookings.

To export your bookings, check out this guide.

For example, with booking apps on multiple pages on your website, you can now determine which of these booking apps is the most successful in order to to drive website traffic there.

Or, if you're running a campaign, you can create a specific booking app embedded on your microsite and include the URL in the campaign. So you can identify the details of exactly those bookings you received as a result of the campaign.