Prompt customers to email you for "not bookable online" services

Appointedd allows you to manage all of your services, not only the ones should be bookable on your website. By setting the permissions of your services, you can set whether your services should be bookable online, not bookable online, request online or not visible online.

When a service is saved as not bookable online, the customer is prompted to contact you to make a booking. Previously, you would prompt the customer to contact you by phone.

If you prefer that the customer contacts you by email, you can now set that the customer is prompted to email you for all of your not bookable online services: Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.50.10.png

When they click the email us button, a window will open in their preferred email provider with your business email address as the recipient.

Find out more about service permissions and how to change your call us buttton to email us in this guide.