Support for Strong Customer Authentication

From 14th September 2019, banks within the European Economic Area will start asking the cardholder to authenticate their card when making payments online. The purpose of this is to strengthen security in online payments.

This does not include the UK at this time - UK banks will start SCA from a later date.

For the cardholder, this means that when making payments online, they may be asked by their bank to confirm the payment through an email, text message, mobile app etc. In order to ensure that customers of businesses on Appointedd are able to authenticate their payments, we have built connections to the authentication tools of the payment gateways which we integrate with (Stripe, Braintree and Square).

For your business, this simply means that when the customer's bank requires authentication for payment to you, we will display the authentication tool of your connected payment gateway. This tool prompts the customer to authenticate the payment and once they have done so, they will come back to Appointedd and make the payment.

As a business on Appointedd, there's nothing you need to do!

We've got you covered 👍