Take and record multiple payments on one booking

Appointedd integrates with online payment gateways (Stripe, Square, and Braintree) and point of sale systems (Epos Now) allowing you to take payment for your bookings.

When payment is taken through any of these systems, it is reflected on Appointedd. Now, you can take multiple payments for a booking (and a customer on a booking) and each one of these payments this will be reflected on the booking (and the customer).

For example, you could:

  1. Take a deposit when the customer requests a booking online then send a request for the outstanding amount when you accept the booking.
  2. Take a deposit when the customer makes a booking online then take the remainder of the payment when they arrive on the day.
  3. Take full payment from the customer online, amend their "spaces" when they arrive with an extra person on the day, and take the payment for the extra person.

Both of these payments (and any other payments made for the booking) will be reflected in Appointedd:

unnamed (1) (1).png